May 15 2009

New Mass Effect 2 Pre-E3 video

This morning we have launched a new video to get fans excited for the upcoming E3 convention where we will be revealing many more details about Mass Effect 2.

The video has Casey Hudson and other team members and shows game play footage, animations, a new weapon and more. Make sure you listen carefully for hints of what you'll learn more about at E3.

You can check out the new video here: Mass Effect 2 Pre-E3 video

Evil Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator

Apr 30 2009

Casey Hudson blogs about Mass Effect 2

Casey Hudson, Mass Effect Project Director, has a new blog entry over at IGN.

In his blog, Casey discusses how it's been a while since his last blog entry, drops some hints about E3 and talks about Shepard being alive... or not.>/p>

You can check out Casey's blog here: Casey speaks on Mass Effect 2

Evil Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator

Apr 15 2009

Follow BioWare, Dragon Age and Mass Effect on Twitter

BioWare has joined up with Twitter to keep all of our fans up to date on what we are up to. Many different people here at BioWare, such as artists, writers, Ray and Greg, yours truly and many more, will be posting on the Twitter feed.

We'll be sharing cool tips available first to Twitter users, posting about our lives here at the office or at conventions and events and possibly revealing the secret inner workings of the famed BioWare lunch.

Join up with Twitter and follow us along. You can follow our feed here: Follow BioWare on Twitter

Evil Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator

Jun 04 2008

BioWare Podcast #5 - With Ray & Greg

We have an all new Mass Effect themed podcast for you to enjoy. Featured in this podcast:

  • Ray Muzyka talks about making the decision to create the PC version of Mass Effect.
  • Greg Zeschuk discusses the changes between the 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect.
  • Drew Karpyshyn drops hints for the next Mass Effect novel
Download it now to learn more about the coolness that is Mass Effect

Mar 18 2008

BioWare Podcast #4

A new community podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Featured in this edition:

  • Evil Chris finds out what's different between Mass Effect Xbox 360 and PC
  • Mass Effect designer interviews
  • A feature on Bring Down the Sky

Listen now.

Dec 21 2007

Podcast #3 BioWare Holiday Podcast 2007

BioWare Holiday Podcast 2007 Come listen to the BioWare holiday podcast as the Community Team gets holiday comments from some of your favorite BioWare personalities.

  • Hear David Gaider wish everyone zombie kittens
  • Listen to Trent Oster mention his "Unannounced Project"
  • Hark to Jay Watamaniuk after too much eggnog

Check it out here: Click Here


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Enter your fan wallpapers

Are you cursed with weighty artistic genius and have no venue for your work? Despair no more! BioWare wants you to create a Mass Effect wallpaper and submit it to BioWare via impressive alien technology.

You can use any publicly available Mass Effect content (screenshots, videos, codex entries etc) in your wallpaper or you submit or create your own! Specially selected artists will be awarded Mass Effect swag from the BioWare Online Store.


Mass Effect Community Day

We recently invited a diverse of group of Mass Effect fans for a day at the BioWare studios in Edmonton, Canada. They were given a behind-the-scenes exclusive tour of the facilities, hands-on time with the game, a sitdown Q&A with some of Mass Effect developers, and an exclusive invite to the official BioWare Mass Effect release party!


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