Mass Effect Wallpaper Submission Guidelines

Specific Mass Effect Wallpaper Guidelines

You can use any publicly available Mass Effect content (screenshots, videos, codex entries etc) in your wallpaper or you submit or create your own!

  • Files submitted should be in JPEG or GIF format.
  • Files must be under 2 MB in size.
  • We recommend wallpapers to be 1600 by 1200 pixels in dimension. Submitted images must be larger than 300 by 300 pixels, and smaller than 4000 by 3000 wallpapers.
  • Any wallpaper you submit must be an original work you have created.
  • All wallpaper submissions will be reviewed by BioWare staff and not all submissions will be used on BioWareÂ’s websites. Submission that are deemed unsuitable or offensive will not be accepted. To review general content guidelines please take a look at our BioWare Community Rules of Conduct.