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Mass Effect Staff Tips

A sample from the Mass Effect Staff Tips:

  • For better accuracy with the sniper rifle, crouch and wait between shots until the sight stops moving.
  • Sometimes rushing into a fight can provide you with better cover than being on the outskirts.
  • You get one level for becoming a Spectre. Try to level up just before.
  • Have a henchman use First Aid to allow you to focus on other skills.
  • Have two henchmen use First Aid in case one is unusable for a time.
  • Make sure to choose party members that supplement your Shepard's abilities. The right team combinations have no weaknesses.
  • Choose a skill and stick with it. A specialist will be more help later on than a Jack of All Trades.
  • Work on one of at least Charm or Intimidate. There are opportunities to exercise them right from the beginning of the game, and they can alter the completion of quests.
  • Mods are just that - modifications to your specific equipment. If it feels right for your style of play, then that is the right mod.
  • Each new class is completely different from the others. They require you to re-vamp your playstyle, because if you don't, you will end up critically failing more missions than you critically succeed.

Senior Technical Designer Insider Breakdown

A sample taken from Mass Effect Senior Technical Designer Jason Attard's insider breakdown:


  • Fires virtual tech proximity mines that will damage and disable enemies caught in the blast, but have no effect on friendly units.


  • Have advanced shielding that makes them strong against gunfire, but provides no protection against physical attacks or biotics.


  • Adrenaline Burst immediately restores all your other talents, and is best used when they have all been depleted.
  • Immunity provides great protection against all damage types, and can give you time to heal yourself, reach new cover, or charge in close to the enemy.