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While these sites are the property of BioWare they are here for you, the community. In order to keep this a fun place for all, there are certain rules that need to be followed. The rules apply to all methods of communication between community members i.e. forums, private messages, e-mail etc.

  1. No Spam. Spamming can be defined as either posting multiple times about the same thing or starting multiple topics about the same thing. There are other actions that are considered spamming such as constantly posting off-topic as well as providing links that have nothing to do with the forum at hand. Spam will be deleted without warning.
  2. No slander. Treat others in your messages as you would like to be treated yourself. Insults, language or anything offense will be deleted without warning if considered unacceptable by an official Moderator or member of BioWare staff. Content that is insulting to anyone based on gender, lifestyle, religion, ethic group, race etc. is unacceptable and will be deleted without warning.
  3. No flame wars. There is no place for that on these message boards. Topics that are designed to start a flame war (defined as a abrasive and/or offensive argument that serves no purpose but to make people mad) will be treated as Spam and deleted without warning.
  4. Stay on-topic. There will be some leniency on this, and we don't mind if you bring in another idea or two, but stay focused. If you think it's a good enough topic, start a new thread about it. This also prevents losing a good idea in a thread about another topic. Threads that wander off-topic will be closed and/or trimmed or moved to its appropriate forum.
  5. This is not a phone. Conversations are for the telephone, IRC, etc., not for this message board. For example few want to hear about you meeting with a friend for pizza in the 13 page thread.
  6. No illegal topics. Warez, pornography, copyrighted material, etc. are not welcome here and will be removed without warning. Posters of such material will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  7. No impersonating. Attempting to pose as a BioWare employee, an employee of any of affiliates or any other registered user will not be tolerated and will result in the deletion of that username. This also applies to variations of registered names.
  8. No Fighting, Name Calling, Arguing, etc. We encourage a good discussion of ideas and interests here, but we do not allow individuals to fight, name call, troll, flame or generally be discourteous towards each other on these forums. If someone acts unpleasant or hostile towards you, do not respond or get dragged into a fight. Instead, please contact a moderator or Chris Priestly through the Private Message system and let them deal with it. Fighting, arguing, etc. might get those involved banned from these pages.
  9. Thread length house rule. We will close threads once they reach a certain length. We want our database engine to run as smooth as possible and long threads will slow down our search engine. These threads will be closed, but feel free to start a new thread if you feel that the previous one didn't address the issue properly. This is not to censor certain topics but to make the reading of a thread easier.
  10. We, BioWare staff or official Moderators, reserve the right to edit, delete, or ban any content found on these sites without warning.
  11. We also reserve the right to modify these rules without warning.

Failure to follow these rules will result in either a temporary ban or a permanent ban, based of the severity of the offense. More serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your ISP or higher authorities.

These boards have become a central place for discussion of BioWare games. They are very important to BioWare staff as a direct conduit to our fans. Please respect these sites and all community members.

If you have any questions about any of these rules, please e-mail


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