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Mass Effect PC Previews

GameSpot "On The Spot" Preview
GameSpot [ May-08 ]
BioWare demonstrates gameplay footage and shows off the new tactical HUD.
Mass Effect PC Full Preview
IGN [ May-08 ]
"The result is a Mass Effect that should look and feel like a PC game, not a port."
GameSpot Preview
GameSpot [ May-08 ]
"Includes new screenshots and game info."
5 New Things in Mass Effect PC
GameSpy [ May-08 ]
"[Mass Effect] feels much more at home on the PC."
Mass Effect PC Impressions
Shacknews [ May-08 ]
Mass Effect's PC outing is looking to be its best yet.

Mass Effect 360 Previews

Mass Effect Developer Walkthrough
IGN [ Sep-07 ]
Project director Casey Hudson talks IGN through some fast-paced battles in Mass Effect
GameSpot Previews Mass Effect
GameSpot [ Sep-07 ]
"One of the best games out of BioWare."
New Mass Effect Videos
GameSpy [ Sep-07 ]
New videos showing everything from uncharted worlds to vehicles to some of the more ruthless ways you can play as Commander Shepard.
Mass Effect - The Guardian Interview
The Guardian [ Sep-07 ]
"For those who want something more cerebral from their console, Mass Effect looks like the one to get."
The Guardian
ME Preview and New Screens
1Up [ Sep-07 ]
With a controller finally in hand, 1UP recently got to play a near-finished Mass Effect at BioWare's Edmonton studio.
Mass Effect Extended Hands-On
IGN [ Sep-07 ]
"[Mass Effect] stands poised to deliver an incredible RPG experience."
Team Xbox Previews Mass Effect
TeamXbox [ Sep-07 ]
Team Xbox recently got to play a few levels of Mass Effect, calling it "a tight and exhilarating trek."
Mass Effect Character Spotlight
GameSpot [ Sep-07 ]
Head to GameSpot for a quick look at some of the characters you'll encounter in the Mass Effect galaxy.
Mass Effect Update: Starting the Adventure
GameSpot [ Sep-07 ]
"Boasting stunning visuals; a rich, complicated story that's big on user choices; gameplay that draws on and evolves the best elements from BioWare's previous games"
Mass Effect Hands-on (Xbox 360)
GameTap [ Sep-07 ]
"We finally get our Hands on BioWare’s next epic RPG."
The Future of Mass Effect
GamesRadar [ Sep-07 ]
Interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk, president of BioWare.
Mass Effect > First Impressions
Eurogamer [ Sep-07 ]
"Mass Effect looks and feels like a BioWare game but it also looks and feels like a real next-gen game."
Mass Effect goes massive to the extreme
GamerNode [ Sep-07 ]
"Call me crazy. Call me an idiot. Or call me for a date. It might be a stretch, but I'm going to go ahead and say: Mass Effect, Game of the Year."
Early Impressions - Mass Effect
CinemaBlend [ Sep-07 ]
"All in all, it looks to be a pretty engaging experience."
Mass Effect: Creating Commander Shepard
Xbox 360 IGN [ Aug-07 ]
"Discover how deciding your hero's past shapes his future in BioWare's upcoming epic RPG."
Xbox 360 IGN
PAX 07: Mass Effect Preview
Xbox 360 IGN [ Aug-07 ]
"With its massive story, quick gameplay and stunning amount of customization, we're really excited to get our hands on the final game."
Xbox 360 IGN
1Up E3 2007 Preview
1Up [ Jul-07 ]
Read impressions of a behind-closed-doors look at Mass Effect.
GameSpot Interview
GameSpot [ Jul-07 ]
GameSpot interviews Project Director Casey Hudson and BioWare President Greg Zeschuk.
E3 2007: Mass Effect Hands-on
Xbox 360 IGN [ Jul-07 ]
"The next epic from BioWare does not disappoint."
Xbox 360 IGN
Mass Effect developer walkthrough
Game Daily [ Jul-07 ]
"Mass Effect from Bioware and Microsoft is still shaping up to be a space epic the likes of which we have never seen before."
Game Daily
E3 Coverage 2007
GameSpy [ Jul-07 ]
"We still can't wait for the November release of what could easily be the best game released this year"
Mass Effect Hands-On Preview
ActionTrip [ Jul-07 ]
"Overall, Mass Effect looks very much like an evolution, building up on the concepts from KOTOR"
E3 2007: Mass Effect Hands-on Preview
TeamXbox [ Jul-07 ]
"Read what TeamXbox has to say about Mass Effect after their hands-on demo."
Mass Effect Impressions
Kotaku [ Jul-07 ]
"Could Mass Effect be the deepest role playing game for the Xbox 360 yet? Yes. Yes it could."
Ars at E3: Our Private Mass Effect Demonstration
Ars Technica [ Jul-07 ]
"Mass Effect looks like it will deliver on the lofty claims of being one of the most immersive and expansive RPG offerings that has ever been released."
Ars Technica
BioWare Shows Off Its New Sci-Fi Role-Playing Game
CBC [ Jul-07 ]
"Knights of the Old Republic on steroids."
E3 Day Two [ Jul-07 ]
"Take how much I want to play Fallout 3 and multiply it by five. That's Mass Effect."
Mass Effect Trailer Breaks Boundaries on Xbox 360
CinemaBlend [ Jul-07 ]
"BioWare has really taken huge steps in blurring the lines between an action game, a role-playing adventure and an epic space saga."
Live Broadcast
IGN LiveWire [ Jul-07 ]
A live demo and Q&A with BioWare president Greg Zeschuk.
IGN LiveWire
E3's Top Five Games to Watch For
Marc Saltzman [ Jul-07 ]
"Brimming with life and personality."
Marc Saltzman
Mass Effect Makes a Cinematic Choice
WIRED [ Jul-07 ]
"The voice acting and the writing were both excellent."
Preview: Mass Effect
GamePro [ Jul-07 ]
"With so many ways of holding a conversation multiplied by the number of potential conversations in the game, it's no wonder why the game barely fits on one DVD-9 disc."
Choose your own galactic adventure
GamesRadar [ Jul-07 ]
"Watching the game for just half an hour at this year's E3, we were positively staggered by the number of large and small decisions the player was forced to make, and how reaching an impact each one had."
E3 2007 Preview
GameZone [ Jul-07 ]
"Mass Effect has all the elements of a blockbuster RPG, with solid gameplay, a great story, and dynamic interaction. Look for it this November."
E3 07: Mass Effect Preview
ShackNews [ Jul-07 ]
"All in all, Mass Effect is a gorgeous game, with clearly a great deal of effort expended on both its locales and its characters."
Xbox 360 Games You Won't Want to Miss
Switched [ Jul-07 ]
"The sheer depth of the world is perhaps the most compelling thing: it feels like it has history and context."
Xbox 360 Preview - Mass Effect
Worth Playing [ Jul-07 ]
"It's a far cry from the kind of simplistic, good against evil archetypes we're used to seeing in games, and it’s a potentially exhilarating change for the better."
Worth Playing
GameSpot Preview
GameSpot [ Mar-07 ]
GameSpot reports on their impressions from the Mass Effect demo at GDC.
GDC 2007: Mass Effect - The First Hour
Xbox 360 IGN [ Mar-07 ]
"The first hour of Mass Effect looks very promising. It's very clear that beyond just being good or evil, you get to shape Shepard's personality. That could give gamers something that's very rare in RPGs, the chance to actually role-play."
Xbox 360 IGN
A Morning With Microsoft Games
Slashdot [ Mar-07 ]
"I can't wait. I think the company will maintain its tradition of always making their best game yet."
GDC 2007: Mass Effect Preview
TeamXbox [ Mar-07 ]
" looks more impressive every time we see the game."
GDC 2007 Preview
GameSpy [ Mar-07 ]
Looks great, sensible evolution of BioWare combat and dialogue and gameplay.
GDC 2007: The Doctors give an awe-inspiring demo of their sci-fi epic. [ Mar-07 ]
"A true next-gen BioWare experience."
Mass Effect - BioWare Interview
Games Radar [ Mar-07 ]
"...gorgeous visuals and innovative gameplay."
Games Radar
Best Thing I've Seen On A Next-Gen Platform
San Jose Mercury News [ Mar-07 ]
"Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the two chiefs of BioWare, staged a demo of Mass Effect that made me come away thinking that it's one of the best games in the works on any next-generation platform."
San Jose Mercury News
Xbox 360 Casts Spell Over GDC
NextGen [ Mar-07 ]
"Equal parts beautiful and sprawling, Mass Effect may have been the most tantalizing of all the games shown at the event."
GDC 2007: Mass Effect (Xbox 360) Preview
411 Mania [ Mar-07 ]
"What was shown was very mouthwatering indeed."
411 Mania
GDC: Mass Effect
CinemaBlend [ Mar-07 ]
"Featuring an unprecedented scope of adventure and RPG elements, Mass Effect is a combination of multiple genres to make up for what may be the biggest game to hit the Xbox 360."
Mass Effect OMG! [ May-06 ]
"This game is going to be the next great RPG."
X06: Mass Effect
IGN [ Sep-06 ]
"This game is as large and as deep as it is ambitious, folks. It's one of Microsoft's big guns for a reason."
ME: Best Action RPG of 2007?
UGO [ Jan-07 ]
UnderGround Online anticipates great things for Mass Effect, touting its cutting-edge graphics, movie-quality acting, and tactical action.
The Action In Action-RPG
Cinema Blend [ Jan-07 ]
Cinema Blend gives a short and sweet preview of Mass Effect.
Cinema Blend
Exclusive Mass Effect Q&A
GamerSquad [ Oct-06 ]
GamerSquad hangs out with project director, Casey Hudson.
Mass Effect X06
1Up [ Sep-06 ]
"It's the stuff space operas are made of."
Mass Effect...we're feeling it! [ Oct-06 ] talks with project director Casey Hudson about Mass Effect.
Xbox 360 Preview
CVG [ Oct-06 ]
"BioWare joins forces with Xbox 360 - it's a mouth-watering combination and the RPG's already looking sweeter than sweet."
X06 Mass Effect Preview
GameSpy [ Sep-06 ]
"Players will have a very deep level of control."
X06: Mass Effect Impressions
GameSpot [ Sep-06 ]
"An ambitious sci-fi role-playing game."
Casey Hudson Interview
CVG [ Sep-06 ]
"A jaw-dropping RPG that's turning heads all over the galaxy"
Mass Effect Interview
Amped [ July 13, 2006 ]
An in-depth interview with Mass Effect Producer Casey Hudson.
E3 06: Mass Effect Impressions
GameSpot [ May-06 ]
"We were impressed by what we saw, not only by the interesting story, characters, and gameplay mechanics, but by the amazing graphics as well."
Mass Effect - Heat Index: Volcanic
G4TV [ May-06 ]
"Holy crap, this game is beautiful."
Mass Effect Preview
GameSpy [ May-06 ]
"Once again, BioWare has pushed the limits of the genre, and we can guarantee that you've never seen an RPG like this one."
Mass Effect Impressions
New York Times [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect...stood out as the 360 game I am most looking forward to playing. It looks absolutely sumptuous and should be a lot more expansive than BioWare's last sci-fi pageant, Knights of the Old Republic."
New York Times
Mass Effect - Up Close And Personal
Xbox365 [ June 5, 2006 ]
The game looks to be quite an achievement.
Mass Effect Impressions
Xbox365 [ June 9, 2006 ]
BioWare's next RPG may just blow your socks off.
X360 Preview - Mass Effect
Worth Playing [ May 19, 2006 ]
The level of detail in the graphics, especially the facial expressions and lighting, screamed pure next-gen.
Worth Playing
Mass Effect Impressions
Amped [ May-06 ]
"Show stopper. The cinematic dialogue sequences bring this RPG to a whole new level unexplored by any other developer."
Eyes-On: Mass Effect
CVG [ May-06 ]
"Jaw-dropping. Best Xbox 360 - if not all format - game of the show."
Mass Effect at E3
Daily Game [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect is going to take the immersion and fun of KOTOR and increase it tenfold."
Daily Game
E3 2006: Book of Days
Electronic Playground [ May-06 ]
"Another amazing RPG from BioWare. Stunning looks, action RPG combat, large epic gameworld."
Electronic Playground
A Tour of Bioware's Xbox 360 RPG "Mass Effect"
Extreme Tech [ May-06 ]
"The game engine looks truly fantastic. Judging by what I saw in that demo, [Mass Effect] can't come soon enough."
Extreme Tech
E3 2006 Impressions
Firing Squad [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect is clearly a continuance of the fine BioWare tradition in RPGs."
Firing Squad
E3 2006: The RPGs
Game Banshee [ May-06 ]
"The sci-fi RPG is about a year away from release, and it’s looking good. Damn good, actually."
Game Banshee
E3 2006: Mass Effect
Game Daily [ May-06 ]
"BioWare's latest is one of the best looking games that we have ever seen."
Game Daily
Mass Effect Impressions
Game Daily [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect has a more cohesive and immersive feel than most role playing games."
Game Daily
Day 3 Thoughts
Game Informer [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect is in the running for one of my games of the show. If you’re used to the Bioware RPG style, this is going to melt your shorts."
Game Informer
E3 2006 First Look Preview
Game Zone [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect is shaping up to be the next big RPG to hit the Xbox 360, and should appeal to a broad range of 360 players."
Game Zone
E3 2006: Mass Effect Impressions
GamerFeed [ May-06 ]
"Promising space epic."
E3 2006 Game Wrap-Up
Gamers With Jobs [ May-06 ]
"I am definitely all about this RPG, with its dynamic conversations, moral grey areas and real time FPS combat."
Gamers With Jobs
E3 2006: Mass Effect Impressions [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect has a more cohesive and immersive feel than most role playing games."
360: A universe bigger than your imagination
Games Radar [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect challenged our ability to maintain a professional attitude. In fact, we lost it several times gasping loudly or straight up yelling, Oh my god!" at the screen due to the incredible sights. It's no mystery why many at E3 are hailing Mass Effect as one of the best games at the show."
Games Radar
E3 06: Mass Effect Live Interview
GameSpot [ May-06 ]
An interview with Ray and Greg. Look in the E3 Live Stage Demos archives section.
E3 2006: Xbox 360 Gameplay Montage
GameSpy [ May-06 ]
Includes Mass Effect footage.
E3 2006: Mass Effect Extended Impressions
IGN [ May-06 ]
"One of the most impressive titles so far at this year's E3."
E3 2006: Mass Effect Impressions
IGN [ May-06 ]
"In each area shown, from sprawling scenes on the ship Citadel to the dusty plains of worlds below, Mass Effect is clearly one of the best looking games for the Xbox 360."
Xbox 360 Gameplay Montage
IGN [ May-06 ]
Includes Mass Effect footage.
Xbox 360 Impressions: Mass Effect
JoyStiq [ May-06 ]
"Bioware really went to town with the facial animations, something which immediately becomes obvious when you start whipping out your gun and shoving it in people's faces in your efforts to get information."
BioWare Has Mass Effect on Xbox 360
Kikizo [ May-06 ]
"Another game that looks set to have tongues wagging."
BioWare's Ode To "Epic"
MPOGD [ May-06 ]
"A sci-fi, futuristic world that was both stunningly bold and subtle."
New information on Bioware's Mass Effect
PLAGN [ May-06 ]
"It's a big, epic, make-your-own-choice action-RPG from the makers of Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire."
First Impressions of Mass Effect
PlayFeed [ May-06 ]
"When the BioWare team launched into a demo of Mass Effect, I had my guard up. Turns out Mass Effect is exactly the kind of space game I might get into."
Game makers try to get real
San Jose Mercury News [ May-06 ]
"The images on the screen seem so real."
San Jose Mercury News
E3 2006: Mass Effect Demo
TeamXbox [ May-06 ]
"The scale of Mass Effect is astounding."
First Look: Bioware’s Mass Effect
The Man Room [ May-06 ]
"I don’t see any way even the most nitpicky of gamers will be able to resist scooping up Mass Effect the day its first available."
The Man Room
E3 2006: Mass Effect
Voodoo Extreme 3D [ May-06 ]
"Smokin'. An immersive, story-driven gameplay experience with stunning visual fidelity."
Voodoo Extreme 3D
Microsoft Presentation comments
Voodoo Extreme 3D [ May-06 ]
"The other 360 game I really loved was BioWare's Mass Effect. Before the show I thought it was an RPG version of Halo" but it's actually more along the lines of Knights of the Old Republic (but without the Star Wars, of course)."
Voodoo Extreme 3D
E3 2006
WarCry [ May-06 ]
"Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 is more Shadowrun than Shadowrun."
Mass Effect Takes Up Space [ May-06 ]
A detailed interview with Mass Effect Project Director, Casey Hudson.

Top Awards

Academy of Interactive Arts & SciencesRPG of the Year
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards
New York TimesGame of the Year
New York Times
2007 Game Awards

Top Reviews - 9.6/10
"Involving, ambitious, and beautifully executed, Mass Effect is a powerful experience that has a lot to offer anyone who plays games as more than a casual diversion."
IGNIGN - 9.4/10
"This is a game that takes the aspects of film that make cinema so compelling and crosses it with the interactivity of games with unprecedented success. Linear storytelling feels quaint by comparison."